Food surplus donation app. Copia

This app connects businesses with leftover food to donation centers so the food doesn’t go to waste.


Real Nappy

Did you know it’s a Real Nappy Week this week? Sounds funny, but important. We still don’t have a good way to deal with disposable nappies, so maybe together with Ingrid Bauer’s ”Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene” cloth nappies is a baby and planet – loving the choice for now.

Reduce food waste/cook smaller portions


Cook smaller than standard portions:

This not only helps to  prevent food waste but also save your family from overeating and promote better health according to the  latest research. It’s good to leave a table a little bit hungry and your organic waste bin empty.

ps:  you can  always fill up by eating extra fruit, vegetable or nut.