Sometimes it makes sense call them idiots.You know  ”them”.

The ones who throw their cigarette bud in the pristine sea or dig into the sand pretending it not here. The ones who can not bother put their stuff into the recycling bin. the one who can throw perfect meal just because they don’t feel like eating it. The who buy t-shirt and throw it away next day etc. etc.

Idiots, honestly.

I am tired from all the tolerance, and they are tired too. In some ways, they want to know. in some ways, green people have to become the vocal minority. Loud one. Uncomfortable one to be heard and more to get things going.Vocal 7% of climate change deniers made a noise heard as 31%. We have to do the same. Call things by their names. Stop tambourine dancing. And tell idiots to stop.

PS. I am perfectly ok with being called idiot when I engaged in this kind of idiotic activities.

Love and peace.


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