Upcycling food waste into biodiesel, protein meal, and biopesticide-fertilizer using insects – ambitious, smart, sexy!

“Entomics is transforming food waste into sustainable, renewable resources using insects:

The Black Soldier Fly
Black Soldier Fly larvae convert food waste into fats and proteins inside their bodies. Our innovative engineering system optimizes both the productivity of these larvae, and the synthesis of three high-value products downstream:
biodiesel, protein meal, and biopesticide-fertilizer.

Instead of breaking food waste down into simpler ‘building blocks’ like most current solutions, we are building food waste up into more complex and more valuable chemical compounds by leveraging the insects’ metabolism.”


Go guys!

I am going to listen to them at the 13th Annual Technology Ventures Conference at the University of Cambridge “Circular Economy” –http://www.tvc.cutec.org/

So glad Cambridge has such a rich Circular Life!


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