love, circular!

“It’s a rare case where business, government and individuals share the same goal, even if we all have different motivations to work towards a circular economy.”

This is the reason I am so enthusiastic about circular economy and think it is going to work!

Quote is from this fabulous post –


Sometimes it makes sense call them idiots.You know  ”them”.

The ones who throw their cigarette bud in the pristine sea or dig into the sand pretending it not here. The ones who can not bother put their stuff into the recycling bin. the one who can throw perfect meal just because they don’t feel like eating it. The who buy t-shirt and throw it away next day etc. etc.

Idiots, honestly.

I am tired from all the tolerance, and they are tired too. In some ways, they want to know. in some ways, green people have to become the vocal minority. Loud one. Uncomfortable one to be heard and more to get things going.Vocal 7% of climate change deniers made a noise heard as 31%. We have to do the same. Call things by their names. Stop tambourine dancing. And tell idiots to stop.

PS. I am perfectly ok with being called idiot when I engaged in this kind of idiotic activities.

Love and peace.


Coffee grounds in the cafe

I compelled this text for one friend who are both environmental engineer and owner of a wonderful coffee shop. So I thought it might be useful for other coffee shops owners to rethink spent coffee grounds.This is the letter:

“It’s three options for you what to do with your coffee grounds (tip – ask other eateries around and you can make something together).  It does not look like there is a centralized collection  system in Brisbane or anywhere near – but I think it is just a new business opportunity like Canberra guys did( see below).

Do something like that:


  • Give it to your customers as a garden fertilizer.


There are more green customers around than you think and this can look really cool and attractive for them! 


  • Like Costa “At Costa we make the most of every one of our coffee beans. That’s why through the Costa Grounds for Grounds project, customers can come into our stores to request our used coffee grounds for free.These grounds can bring your garden to life either as a natural plant fertilizer or create a naturally balanced compost pile. We hear they are great for fending off snails and slugs too! Pop into store now to request your grounds and watch your garden flourish!”




  • Offer it for the nearest community garden – here the list – they might be willing to pick up if close and ask them for a banner or thank you letter.


  • Or I have seen you are going to avocado farm? Maybe the guy from there will like the grounds. I am not sure how much you throw every day so will you be able to store it or not.


2) Compost on site – if there are several coffee shops and garden plants around – you can have a small composter ( even the plastic one or worm farm should work) near recycling and then dispose of it for the plants.


3) Contact  Reverse Garbage  ( 07 3891 9744 Email Web and ask if they are interested in collecting it for the craft projects. There used to be one run by UQ but now its over,   – something similar can be also a cool promotional opportunity for you.


4) And an extra cool one – turn it  into a business.


Like Canberra guys –


Like this supply firm ( you do coffee supply too, do you? )—the-natural-fertilizer


At the end you are an environmental engineer if I remember right so you might have an even better idea.)


Recycling of difficult waste and especially such an environmentally heavy stuff like coffee are trendy now with Circular Economy being enforced in Europe and coming in couple of years to Australia,

So expect grants, subsidies and promotions from the government for this kind of projects.

There are couple of  hi -tech ideas on the way but not quite there yet.


Hope I  inspired you.) Let  me know what looks good for you and please do it, it’s going to be so cool!!! Just like your coffee shop.) “


Circular Taxes

Want a green economy? Fresh air, good food and jobs for everyone? I strongly believe Circular Economy is a solution.
This short video shows one option we can ask our lawmakers to do – change the tax system:start taxing resources, not labor.

Tax resources, not labour. This simple yet fundamental shift in taxes will steer our economy and society towards a sustainable and comfortable future. If you…


Upcycling food waste into biodiesel, protein meal, and biopesticide-fertilizer using insects – ambitious, smart, sexy!

“Entomics is transforming food waste into sustainable, renewable resources using insects:

The Black Soldier Fly
Black Soldier Fly larvae convert food waste into fats and proteins inside their bodies. Our innovative engineering system optimizes both the productivity of these larvae, and the synthesis of three high-value products downstream:
biodiesel, protein meal, and biopesticide-fertilizer.

Instead of breaking food waste down into simpler ‘building blocks’ like most current solutions, we are building food waste up into more complex and more valuable chemical compounds by leveraging the insects’ metabolism.”

Go guys!

I am going to listen to them at the 13th Annual Technology Ventures Conference at the University of Cambridge “Circular Economy” –

So glad Cambridge has such a rich Circular Life!